Who are we?

Kids4Peace is dedicated to developing courageous leaders who work to create more just and inclusive societies. The Cincinnati chapter has a growing group of kids from elementary through high school plus their families. We strive to be a youth-led organization with several of our programs facilitated or co-facilitated by youth. If your family wants to see more peace in the world, we would love to have you join us!

Upcoming events:

Cincinnati Interfaith Harmony Camp 2022

Current 6th-8th grade students (as of 2021-2022 school year) are invited to participate in our annual interfaith camp August 1-5, 2022. During the program we will learn about deep listening skills, how to create space for people of all identities, and so much more. It will be fun and meaningful. Participating students will have the opportunity to grow their leadership skills. Then, they will have the opportunity to practice those skills beyond camp if they choose to join our on-going leadership team.



Kids4Peace has teamed up with the Festival of Faiths for a joyous occasion. Come join us for some fun food, games, and joyful discussion. The world is filled with plenty of terrible stuff. Let’s create one night where we get together and focus on joy (and great snacks:). All teens are welcome to participate on Thursday, August 2nd from 7-8:30pm at the Ish Garage in Northside (4113 Langland St).


Interfaith Youth

Kids4Peace is excited to offer a gathering for kids to come together from all faith backgrounds and no faith backgrounds to be friends. Together we will create the relational space we need! We will begin our sessions by getting to know one another through games, food, and discussions. As we meet and become more aware of the group’s needs we will alter our time together to fit those needs. Maybe we just need a place to be friends. Maybe we need to work on an important issue together. Maybe we need to be foodies together. Who knows! We will find out together. Text 812-430-4464 for more information.


Adam Hayden, Chapter Coordinator