“In a time of little hope—Kids4Peace provides the ultimate hope. What would be more pleasing to our creator than the belief that in the not-too distant future all of God’s children will walk hand in handmaking the holy land the land that G-d most wants it to be.” – Rabbi Steve Gutow

“Every day, the Israeli and Palestinian youth making the active choice to belong to the Jerusalem-based Kids4Peace community are waging a focused, courageous, nonviolent and powerful battle for a peaceful future.

The rapid growth of the community—three-fold over five years—and the waiting list of Israelis and Palestinians seeking to join the program is a testament to this. What began as an after-school program to build relationships and foster dialogue between youth, has developed into a multi-pronged initiative through which members of the community work together to design and implement social action projects to improve their shared existence in the city.

These youth are not holding their breath for diplomacy, but making way for it: disproving the cynics, defying the opponents, and challenging and motivating their peers to join them in actively building the just, inclusive and secure present and future they seek to achieve.” – Lucy Kurtzer-Ellenbogen, US Institute of Peace

“Kids4Peace Jerusalem does the heavy lifting in the work for change. No other group reaches as many young people from the Israeli and Palestinian sides – together with their families. This is the necessary infrastructure for a more positive future.” – Ethan Felson, Israel Action Network

“I am deeply committed to Jerusalem as a city that must be shared by all of its residents irrespective of faith or nationality, and the idea of nurturing the next generation of leadership that will model peace and coexistence. I am inspired and awed by Kids4Peace staff, families, and youth who exhibit the courage it takes to actively work for change.” – Michael Koplow