Fall 2020 Virtual Programs

Welcome to United States Fall 2020 Programs! Earlier this year, Kids4Peace combined forces with Seeds of Peace. Together, we are kicking off an exciting season of virtual programs.

We are offering programs open to youth in grades 6-12 across the United States, regardless of whether you have prior involvement with Kids4Peace or Seeds of Peace. Because all of our programs are virtual, all youth in the United States are invited to join.

Please pay attention to the grade level and the registration deadline for each program. Each program is capped at 30 participants, and we will review registrations on a first come, first served basis. If we are able to give you entry into the program(s) you are interested in attending, you will receive an email with more details (including Zoom information) prior to the start of the first session.

All programs are free of charge.

Questions? Please reach out via email to our United States Programs Team.

Hannah Hochkeppel | hhochkeppel@seedsofpeace.org

Eliza O’Neil | eoneil@seedsofpeace.org

Adam Hayden | ahayden@seedsofpeace.org

A series of conversation and discussions focused on the ideas of freedom, patriotism, and democracy. We’ll listen to Beyonce, learn about George Mason, and investigate what it means to be free in America. We’ll also learn about the difference between patriotism and nationalism and talk about great patriots and their sacrifices. Finally, we’ll dig into the radical nature of democracy and celebrate 100 years* of women’s suffrage!

Registration Deadline: October 8th

Talking about politics is one of the ways we discuss the things we care most about. Join us to explore the origins of political ideologies, think about commitments and reservations about our personal political beliefs, and determine the intersection between political beliefs and civic engagement.

Registration Deadline: October 8th

As we near any Presidential Election, tensions often run high, and this year in the United States is certainly no exception. Join us to translate the basic dialogue and communication skills that are taught in Seeds of Peace facilitator trainings to your politics-specific discussions with friends, teachers, or family members. Participants will come way from new skills, fresh language, and newfound courage to navigate difficult conversations during this time.

Registration Deadline: October 15th

This program is designed for those who are either completely new to dialogue or curious about expanding upon their existing understanding of dialogue as a methodology. If you are looking to better understand what it looks and feels like to engage authentically and courageously in an identity-based dialogue, join us. If you are hoping to explore the ways in which dialogue has been used during political and social tipping points and movements throughout history, join us. If you want to figure out whether dialogue is something you want to make more a part of your life moving forward, join us.

Registration Deadline: November 5th

Join us as we look at the different ways that we exert people power to create deep and lasting change. We will dive into strategies and avenues for social change, and emerge with new understandings of our place in the work that we care most about. From talking to friends, to writing an op-ed, to lobbying elected officials, to participating in community projects — how are you going to make your voice heard as you strive for peace and justice in our world? Come with an issue that you care about in mind and leave with a plan as you prepare to take action.

Registration Deadline: November 5th