Jerusalem Camp Report

120 Israeli & Palestinian youth came together for an intense week of interfaith dialogue, skill building and forming friendships that will create the foundation of peace.

Peace begins with small steps. And for Evyatar, that happened at this summer’s K4P Jerusalem Camp.

“I live the conflict. I’ve been a part of ‘one side’ of the conflict for my entire life. But when I heard of K4P, I got excited because I would finally get the opportunity to learn more about ‘the other side.”

At camp, Evyatar and 120 other Israeli & Palestinian youth had that opportunity to understand each other’s lives, discuss the issues that divide them, and form the friendships that will create the foundation of peace.

This Kids4Peace Camp is one of the largest interfaith youth programs in the region. As racism, hatred, and demonization of ‘the other’ are growing, Kids4Peace is creating a more powerful movement based on respect, trust, and a commitment to build a more just and peaceful world.

And that starts with the courage to cross divides and meet people who are different – especially those you’ve been taught to hate and fear.

“I learned a much more nuanced view of ‘the other side,’” Evyatar said after camp. “And it wasn’t ‘the other side’ to me anymore. Because of all the Palestinian friends I’ve made through K4P, I don’t see it as a ‘us against them’ thing anymore. It’s more of a ‘how to live together’ thing now.”

Special thanks to Children of Peace and 100+ individual donors for supporting this year’s camp.