Spring 2021 Programs

Welcome to United States Spring 2021 Programs! In Fall 2020, Kids4Peace combined forces with Seeds of Peace. Together, we are offering a variety of virtual programs for our youth across the United States.

Our programs are open to youth in grades 6-12 across the United States, regardless of whether you have prior involvement with Kids4Peace or Seeds of Peace. Because all of our programs are virtual, all youth in the United States are invited to join.

Please pay attention to the grade level and the registration deadline for each program. Each program is capped at 30 participants, and we will review registrations on a first come, first served basis. If we are able to give you entry into the program(s) you are interested in attending, you will receive an email with more details (including Zoom information) prior to the start of the first session.

All programs are free of charge.

Questions? Please reach out via email to our United States Programs Team.

Hannah Hochkeppel | hhochkeppel@seedsofpeace.org

Eliza O’Neil | eoneil@seedsofpeace.org

Adam Hayden | ahayden@seedsofpeace.org

Come explore conflict with us – interpersonal conflict in our own lives, global conflict facing countries across the world, and everything in-between. We will develop frameworks for understanding conflict, explore the different things that are present in the midst of conflict, and learn skills for conflict resolution. In addition to discussing conflict present in our own communities, we will briefly learn about global conflicts in places like Northern Ireland, Myanmar, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Registration Deadline: April 16th

What role does social media play in a social justice movement? How does social media help amplify voices and educate others? How do we use social media responsibly and fact check what we share? Join us to answer all these questions and more! Leave with action items and ready made templates for engaging others in meaningful social media conversation. 

Registration Deadline: April 16th

What is art? Who owns art? How does art equalize power and reclaim the narrative for change? Come explore art in all of its forms as we answer these questions! During this program we will discuss how we can use art and other forms of protest to work for change in our communities. Together we will create a virtual art gallery to share with others. 

Registration Deadline: April 30th

When we talk about politics in America, we often see them as red & blue, Democrat & Republican, conservative & liberal. But is it really that simple? Join us to explore the complexity of politics in America. We will discuss different ideologies, deepen our understanding of the spectrum of beliefs, and build skills to navigate difficult conversations across political divides.

Registration Deadline: May 13th