Winter 2021 Programs

Welcome to United States Winter 2021 Programs! This past fall, Kids4Peace combined forces with Seeds of Peace. Together, we are offering a variety of virtual programs.

Our programs are open to youth in grades 6-12 across the United States, regardless of whether you have prior involvement with Kids4Peace or Seeds of Peace. Because all of our programs are virtual, all youth in the United States are invited to join.

Please pay attention to the grade level and the registration deadline for each program. Each program is capped at 30 participants, and we will review registrations on a first come, first served basis. If we are able to give you entry into the program(s) you are interested in attending, you will receive an email with more details (including Zoom information) prior to the start of the first session.

All programs are free of charge.

Questions? Please reach out via email to our United States Programs Team.

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Dive deep with us as we countdown to Inauguration Day! As we build a foundation of skills, we will focus on the nuts & bolts of how to determine your issues, research information about current legislation, and learn about the different approaches to lobbying our elected officials. You will leave this program ready to tell your story and ready to begin lobbying as a new Congress and a new Presidential Administration gets underway.

Registration Deadline: January 15th

This program is designed for those who are either completely new to dialogue or wanting to continue to explore being in dialogue. If you are looking to better understand what it looks and feels like to engage authentically and courageously in an identity-based dialogue, join us. If you are looking to explore the way that your own identities and experiences impact what you believe to be true, join us. If you want to figure out whether dialogue is something you want to make more a part of your life moving forward, join us.

Registration Deadline: January 15th

No one enjoys being uncomfortable, but it is also deeply necessary to do the real work of changing our communities. Dive deep with us to unpack the privileges that we each hold. We will discuss the origins of our modern concept of race and the impact of white supremacy on our world. The discussion and learning will challenge participants to take on the daily practice of action and reflection to be anti-racist in everything that they do.

Registration Deadline: January 29th

Everything in history matters – even when it is minimized or swept away. Come explore the connections between past and modern day experiences in our communities. In this program, we will learn about the history of enslavement in our country that began more than 400 years ago. What does enslavement look like now? How can we learn from these historic and modern day connections as we strive to live as anti-racist peacebuilders?

Registration Deadline: February 12th

Participants will learn frameworks and explore perspectives on leading change through challenge and uncertainty. What are the key components of effective leadership, regardless of what you’re working toward? What does it mean to lead with empathy and courage? What does it look like to hold and share power and authority with others? What are the successes and failures of leaders in public spheres? How does self care, balance, and the understanding of your own voice and identities play a role in all of this? Join us!

Registration Deadline: February 26th

Join us as we look at the different ways that we exert people power to create deep and lasting change. We will dive into strategies and avenues for social change, and emerge with new understandings of our place in the work that we care most about. From talking to friends, to writing an op-ed, to lobbying elected officials, to participating in community projects — how are you going to make your voice heard as you strive for peace and justice in our world? Come with an issue that you care about in mind and leave with a plan as you prepare to take action.

Registration Deadline: March 12th

We know how powerful it can be when youth voices are lifted and amplified. In this short program, participants will learn the skills of telling your own story and translating it into digital media that can be shared far and wide. We will be joined by Seeds of Peace GATHER Fellow and NYC educator Molly Josephs, who runs a podcast with youth called This Teenage Life. At the end of the four sessions, participants will have composed and recorded their own dialogue/conversations on a topic of their choosing, which will be edited into a special Seeds of Peace episode of This Teenage Life podcast.

Registration Deadline: February 26th