Ways to Give



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Donations are tax-deductible

Donor Advised Fund

Recommend a gift from your donor-advised using this convenient form.

Giving Circle

Gather a group of family, friends, businesses or community members to donate together and make a larger impact, by fully sponsoring a K4P leader or program.

“While some people may resort to hopelessness, we are continually inspired by the youth and adults involved in Kids4Peace. We talk about the program all the time, and we wanted to find a way to have our closest circle of people reach a more comprehensive understanding of Kids4Peace.” 

Matt Oppenheimer & Emily Patton

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • $1,000 Peace Leader Sponsor – Provides a full year of K4P programming to one youth in the USA or Jerusalem
  • $3,000 Global Institute Sponsor – Send one K4P leader to the Washington, DC leadership & advocacy institute
  • $5,000 Dialogue Sponsor – Support youth-led dialogue workshops that promote understanding and coexistence.
  • $10,000 Advocacy Sponsor – Support a local chapter’s social action programs for a full year
  • $50,000 Summer Camp Sponsor – Cover the full cost of a five-day summer camp in Jerusalem or a US chapter.
  • $60,000 New Chapter Sponsor – Bring Kids4Peace to a new community with a three-year commitment ($10,000 in Year 1; $20,000 in Year 2; $30,000 in Year 3).
  • Email info@k4p.org for details and more opportunities.


Kids4Peace can receive gifts of appreciated stock, which provide a tax benefit to donors. Email Deputy Director Renee Atkinson at info@k4p.org for brokerage instructions.

Facebook Fundraiser

Celebrate your birthday, anniversary or other special occasion by supporting Kids4Peace.


Contact Renee Atkinson, Deputy Director at info@k4p.org